movement of small blood vessels


usually the affected

autoantibodies switch,

gliding along the walls

of small blood vessels.


usually they fill up with blood

their so called autoantibodies

attach to, bind themselves to

the joints

filling them with darkness



night emotions


heartbeat protects

us groping flesh

at night.


grasping fingers death flesh

to be traced in the thicket.


my soft organs


a finger destroying

silence, is, propositions

body. my soft organs.

aberrant finger systemic

lupus erythematosus.


after words


substantives, propositions.

  1. an autoimmune disease.

can this immune system


after words can this is

it the truth

new invented?


chirping called SLE


perfect forehead awkward

autoantibody – the course of disease

sound flames, parasites.

the immune system against

viruses, wing wind.


chirping called SLE

a predisposition kidneys

destroy, the exterior –


behind the cloudiness


lupus erythematosus

in the worst case. the human fronthead

generates destroying.


sound flames, autoantibodies.

against itself. cloudiness of sparrows.


also against burdens, strains. the body

is able to, also behind

the cloudiness, autoantibodies …


antibodies against sparrows


the body generates destroying

antibodies against sparrows

blue tits behind the forehead.


inconvenient, against itself.

Also young factors and a certain.


kidneys work perfectly

in (at) mood like. A perfect

forehead, antibodies may –


Causing death are reddish factors


sound flames and causing

death are reddish factors

few. human kidneys.


destroy. lupus erythematosus.

sound flames. it is the night sky


clouds of sparrows.

it is lupus who endangers the birds.

also known as SLE

wallpaper –


flood of black birds


lupus: cloudiness of autoantibodies,

in the worst case it is a flood

of black birds. At closing


the eyes the night sky.

while the environment leads to death.


a perfect defense, that quickly can

switch color to impatience known as SLE

or a package of earth –


aggressive defense in the head/ mind


a perfect elaborate

health police in

impatience. burdens


work. sky, antibodies.

also of genetic factors.


how can lupus erythematosus

– clouds of sparrows, whose

aggressive defense in the mind –


health police


also insolation may

lupus, the human

kidneys and exterior


wing wind. a package health police

may also under stress

elaborate –


with lupus may, of eyes.

decline, of eyes aggressive,

the systemic –




also insolation,

package of earth, that quickly

recolors to impatience. erythematosus.


in all organs, wing winds, virus attack.


the human speed generates

in the worst case destroying antibodies.

a package, is it a disposition –


antibodies, acoustic


lupus. also in the head

the systemic lupus


also insolation,

package of earth, that quickly recolors

into impatience.


reddish factors in the head

the human speed

antibodies, acoustic –


the immune system destroys


halted and

temporary autoantibodies,

factual time, reality.


– to walls aggressive rituals

silent looking. the immune system


destroys in the worst case.

viruses. as time. the immune system

destroys its aggressive –


destroyed time autoantibody


– inflamed, whose aggressive

out of shadows, destroyed time autoantibodies.

halted, time.


out of shadows, by itself is. the

body time itself or protects, accordingly


bodily and temporary


out of the shadow death a physical

place, its time –


noises treatment


grasping, during defense reactions

internally sets of

the noises‘ treatment

as a general rule life-long


of knives the noises

behave without treatment

are the noises, same as,

while internally,

life-long …


collecting signs


tracing lupus signs

collecting human sounds

inventing. or


autoimmune diseases

destroy the human kidneys …