Club of the Autoimmune Eccentrics

With my ongoing artistic research on the subject of autoimmunity I try not only to find new meanings but also to transform/reshape the image of autoimmunity in the public.

Especially for the latter purpose I came up with the idea of founding a club that will be present in the public – and open for all persons concerned with autoimmune disesases, who are interested in new perspectives on autoimmunity and in new ways of coping with their diseases.

The name of the nonprofit association is “Club of the Autoimmune Eccentrics – CAE”.

I wrote a manifesto where the basic principles in regard to the admission of members and the purpose of the club and its activities are established; the background and framing of the project can be found in my RC-exposition on the subject:


Research Catalogue Exposition „Club of the Autoimmune Eccentrics“

Chicken Walking Backwards, Animation by Barb Macek, 2023
Chicken Walking Backwards, Animation by Barb Macek, 2023

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